Pure Movement Pilates


“I am lover of movement with an expansive background in various forms of outdoor exercise and mind body disciplines. A few years ago many of the activities I loved to do came to a halt due to extreme hyper mobility and chronic hip and shoulder pain. I began seeing Debra and she guided me to a level of fitness and tone I never thought imaginable for myself. Thanks to Debra with her intuitive nature and years of experience and study, I am now back to all my activities and able to do them with much more ease and grace. Whether you are seeking healing from injury, core strength, lengthened muscles or general mind body health…I strongly recommend Debra Schubert. She will kick your butt too!”Amy

“Debra worked with me for several years; with her extensive knowledge and listening abilities, she was able to translate problems I was experiencing into proactive solutions.  She continuously devised movements and exercises, in multiple ways, for me to be able to deal with my body.  By the time I had hip replacement surgery, my muscles were prepared and my knowledge of how to handle myself was extensive.  I cannot say enough for Debra’s thoroughness, attention to detail, and continuous excellence in caring for me.”Georgianne

“Through working with Debra, I have been able to avoid knee replacement surgery, have realigned my body, and am no longer on pain meds.” – Christine

“Debra is amazing.  She figures out what I need and instantly adapts our sessions.  I’ve seen her now for many years….never imagined when I started that I would still be here.  And now I’m sure that it’s the hour of the week that contributes most to my well-being!”Kate

“Nearly six years ago my wife introduced me to Debra’s practice. I was (well, I guess I really still am) one of those “tough it out” types who thinks pain is just part of living – the more actively one lives the more pain, etc., etc, etc. Sixty five years of that had left me stiff, limping and nearly sleepless. Five years of working with Debra has me, while still limping, suppler, more thoughtful and respectful of my body and more willing to try the hands and skills of others in the pursuit of an active and less painful life.”Tor

“Saw my favorite Pilates person, Debra Schubert, specializing in movement. She is so talented, she can pick out the tiniest problem and help correct it!! I feel like I’m 20. Really helps my riding! Yeah!”Barbara

“Debra is more than a bodyworker, she is a healer. She is intuitive, compassionate, and professional. Her knowledge of the mind-body-spirit connection is vast. I immediately felt safe and trusted her guidance upon our first session together.” - Jackie