Pure Movement Pilates


The Gyrotonic Expansion System (GXS) is a unique system developed by Juliu Horvath. Based on movements derived from dance, kundalini yoga, swimming and tai chi, Gyrotonic focuses on the spine to create fluid undulating movements, stretching and strengthening muscles to create an integrated workout. A Gyrotonic  session  will leave you feeling taller, stronger, very energized and happier.

The Gyrokinesis foundation exercises, prepares the body by beginning with simple exercises on a stool, kneeling, lying on the floor or standing. The session progresses to using specifically designed equipment, most noteably the “Tower Pulley Combination Unit” or several other magnificent pieces of equipment which enhances a gyrotonic experience.

Working the body with an emphasis on multiple joint articulations, improving the spine to move three dimensionally, and layering specific breathing patterns coordinated with the movement, results in a delightful feeling of equilibrium.  Designed to adjust to to each person’s body, the smoothness and friction free gliding that is experienced with each movement, allows the body to find continuity as it moves from the center to one side of the body and  over to the other side. This relief from jarring motion is the key ingredient that prevents injuries from occurring.

GYROTONIC® in motion. www.Lotusflowmovement.com from Natalie Taylor on Vimeo.